Angle saw PP-550

  Angle saw PP-550 does not need another machine like a band saw where the prisms are cut, which must later be cut to the desired lumber, another machine required for the band saw is the plastering machine is needed on the non-shiny planks.Author saw carves directly from the trunk the saw timber dimensions are selected on the saw blade and we can cut the prisms-bindings-planks and the like. For example, when cutting the prisms on a band saw, there is a side that is fed into the fuel, but this is not the case for this angled saw. For example, we cut the prisms of height and left only the side panel on the PP-550 Angle Saw Panel and we choose to measure the saw upwards about 12cm. It cuts off and makes an edge, and then we get planks or, for example, roofing slats. They all move away from the log diameter. The stronger the better for this saw. For example, when cutting a round log with a diameter of 70 cm totaltimber yield approx. 80%.

Angle saw and its advantages:high yield of lumber from round log, speedsaws, the need for other machines will be reduced, the number of operators will be 2-3 people.The disadvantages of cheap tribal band saws are hugeBelt strips are cracked enough, they will not last long and they will cut them for only 5 minutes when they arefrozen logs slides the belts and thus is inaccurate lumberand causes breakwaters, lumber is unclean and another is neededthe surface treatment is continuously freezing water.The outputs of band saws are sometimes only 8 prisms per day ait could be continued. The PP-550 saw cutter cuts off8 pieces of beams according to size and log diameter of 0,2-1. throw.Angle piles PP-550 all these problems are missing, they have wheelswhich cut the whole day, does not need cooling water.the saw has a thicker cut than a band saw, but it is the resulton this PP-550 Angle Saw is the best match with yoursperformance, high yield of saw log,Power is according to sawmill and engine types for 8 hoursshift power of 5 to 15 m3.

                                                                 The saw in the Base contains ,,,

- 2 saws work simultaneously (one vertical and the other horizontally)

- engine power at base 2x11kw rev / min 1,450 * (2,950)

- Max. border is 20x20cm- Max. trunk diameter 100cm.

- Cutting length standard 6 m.- The total length of the saw is 12m at the base

- The saw cuts both directions forward and backwardsempty crossings.

- manual clamping of the strain.

- saw blades 2 x 500mm Accessory for an extra chargeMotors 2x15kW

- 2x18kW - 2x22kW

Motors at a speed of 2,950 rpm from Siemens

Adjustment of the saw to max, prisms 24x24cm only from motors 2x22kW

Edge Saw Cutting to 1 500mm Strain

Load fork logsFaster drive with stronger engines

Saw blades with a diameter of 500 - 550 - 630 mm

Blade grinder

Hydraulic clamping + centering of the strain

Leveling rollers

Turn of round logs

Chip sawThe round log supply

Serving tables for round logs

Cutting length extension

Dimensions of saw without track 2 860/2 130/2 190 mm .

Track dimensions in base "12 500/1 670 / 680mm weight.

Hydraulic clamping of the strain-centered log rounds into the middle of the saw,the fastening of the trunk takes only a few seconds, with manual clamping it is tens of minutes.The saw does not have a sawdust extractionbeneath the saw where the PVC belt passes the sawdust into a container, big bags and the like.