Palette saw RP-1250

The pallet cutting saw is designed to cut or destroy damaged pallets to recover the pallet board by precisely cutting the nails connecting the board and the block, allowing the pallets to reuse the pallets.


Main engine -5.5kw 2,900 rpm

Continuously adjustable feedrate 0-20 bp

mengine with gearbox 0.75kw

electric cut height adjustmentengine from gearbox 0.55kw

the power of the saw is about 4m3 of extracted boards from the pallets per shifttrack

feed height - 610 mm

feeder width - 1250 mm

feeder length - 4,324 mm

total machine dimensions - 4,324 x 2,700 x 1,520 mm

saw blade - bimetal for steel cutting - 5 800 x 34- 40 x 09-1,1 scale 4/6 or 3/4

total weight 1 230 kg.