Pallet saws   P-1 400

The pallet cutting saw is designed to cut or destroy damaged pallets to recover the pallet board by precisely cutting the nails connecting the board and the block, allowing the pallets to reuse the pallets.

Main engine -7,5kw
Continuously adjustable feedrate 0-20 bpm
engine with gearbox 0.75kw
Electric cut height adjustment up / down
engine with transmission 1.5kW
The output of the saw is about 5 m3 of extracted boards from the pallets per shift
Width of feed belt - 1400 mm
Length of feeding belt - 3,000 mm
Overall dimensions of the machine - 4,324 x 2,700 x 1,520 mm
Wheel diameter - 600 mm
Band saw blade - Bimetal for steel cutting - 6 150 mm Tensioning the saw blade - hydraulically
Total weight 1 000 kg.