Pallet saw R-1200

R-1200 pallet saw the saw is designed to cut the destruction or damage of the pallet in order to  recover the pallet board by precisely cutting the nails connecting the board and  he prisms, the   pallet cutter allows the pallet boards to be reused again.

                                                                  Technical parameters:

                                                                         Main engine - 7.5kW

          The output of the saw is about 5 m3 of extracted boards from the pallets per shift

                                                                Belt tensioning Hydraulically

                                                         Length of bimetallic belt - 6 150 mm

                                                                      Table width - 1200 mm

                                                                     Table length - 1000 mm

                                                                  Wheel diameter - 600 mm

                                                                               Weight 700 kg.

                                                                       Machine dimensions:

                                          width 3 000 mm - length 1 000 mm - height 1 800 mm.

           Option for extra charge ,, Lifting the cutting head up and down. Height measurement