Angle saws - ADS-630 Czech product 

Angle saws ADS-630 does not need another machine like a band saw where the prisms are cut, which must later be blown to the desired lumber, another machine required for the band saw is the plastering machine is needed on the non-sharpened boards. The saw is cut directly from the round log clean lumber, lumber dimensions are selected on the saw blade, and we can cut prisms-bindings-planks and the like. For example, when cutting prisms on a band saw, there is a side that fits into the fuel, but it does not work on this angled saw. for example, prisms, and left side only, we will choose the Angle Saw Panel to measure the saw upwards about 12cm. Cuts and makes an edge, and so we get planks or, for example, roofing slats. All of it is based on the log diameter. The more powerful, the better for this saw. Our saw is very fast in the cut, just the operator could be much faster, and it is enough to take off the sawmill. Our saw is sophisticated and very powerful. Our saw is built for 24h operation !!!NOVELTY!!! Fully automatic Sawmill scans the trunk we select the dimensions or we can add the dimensions of the lumber we want to cut and the program will allot during a while the max. Yield and cut the log, the program can keep watch the engines at the same speed, after the daily shift shows how many dimensions cut the m3, how much is the sawdust removal rate. The number of employees is reduced by 1-2, the high saw power, a great time saving without automatic operation takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare the saw to cut the trunk and how many times we will go to the trunk power and or in a few situations, they can not be taken back, it takes about 1-2 months to learn how to fully control the saw, but even after this time the worker can never achieve the maximum yield from the trunk - these problems do not happen in the Automatic mode The automation will return in a short period of time. The disadvantages of the triangular sawing machine compared to the Angular saw ADS required a large amount of saw which often crack and will not last for a long time and cut for only 5 minutes when the frozen sprocket is sliding the belts and thus is inaccurate lumber and causing breaks on the sawmill. The lumber is unclean and further surface treatment is needed to freeze the water for cooling Belts of cheaper belt saws are sometimes only 8 prisms per day and we can continue with this. The ADS-630 saw cuts 8 pieces of beams according to the size and diameter of logs in 0.10-0.40 hrs. belts and water for cooling has saw blades that cut the whole day always keep the required size.The wood is pretty clean as flipped. The ADS-630 saw blade uses blade saws with a stronger cut than saw blades, but compared to the ADS-630 Angle Saw, it offers high performance, high yield of saw log, clear cut, instant change in saw timber dimensions. sawmill and engine types, and also depends on the diameter of the logs and the dimensions of the cut sawn timber outputs are 10-30 m3.Our saw is built so that she can cut to 2-3 shifts per day. The saw cuts in both directions forwards and backwards. It does not make empty crossings. Example: "Forward forward 1 prism rearward 2 prism. Saw and its equipment: 2 saws working simultaneously one vertical and the other horizontally Engines in base 2 x 15kW / 2,950 watts / min Max. Spindle without turning round 20x20cm Max. Diameter trunk base 100cm / * 140cm Cutting length base 6m Manual clamping Saw blades 2x 550mm Possible accessories at extra charge: Motors 2x18kW and 2x22kW. Editing the saw at the 24x24cm maximum is possible only from 2x22kW motors. Adjustment of the saw for the 1 500mm stem cut. Hydraulic clamping and centering of the strain. Round logs. Saw blade -PVC strip under the full length of the saw at the end of the suction connection. Piping and hose piping drives. Cutting length extension. Sawing the cutter to the cutting edge. Main engine control can change engine speeds. Adjustment for heavy working conditions (-15 to +40 st.Celsia). Scanner logs on saw. Scanner logs outside the saw blade need construction work. Automatic saw + PC + SW + LCD. Log spruce - Load logs on saw, including loading. Debarking equipment + root grinding. Saw cutting saw directly from the saw blade. Saw blades with diameters: 450-500-550-630 mm. Blade grinders. Dimensions of saw without track: 3 000/3 000/2 600 mm. Track dimensions in the base: 16 500 mm. Weight of saw according to equipment: 8 000 - 12 000, -one Kg